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Please note:

Our professionals are trained to perform many different techniques and treat so many different conditions.  If you don't see what you're looking for, please give us a shout to ask us directly.


We treat pain of the nerves, muscles and joints and are experts at restoring movement and getting people back to their everyday life.  A lot of people ask, "can we help with [insert condition here]?"  99% of the time we can help, A LOT!  Here are some of the more common conditions we treat.

Low Back Pain

Tendon Injuries

Muscle Strains

Posture Dysfunction and Related Pain

Nerve Pain and Sensory Changes


Neck Pain & Whiplash

Plantar Fasciosis / Fasciitis

Rotator Cuff / Shoulder Injuries

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (aka Runner's Knee & Jumper's Knee)


Questions? Contact us.


These are some of the techniques we use to get you back in action!

Therapeutic Exercise

By far the most important treatment to achieve long-term improvement.

Dry Needling / IMS

A powerful treatment to restore muscle function and decrease muscular pain.

Muscle Release

We use too many different myofascial release techniques to list!

Manual Therapy

Joint mobilizations and manipulations to restore movement and reduce pain.


Our acupuncturist performs Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.  Read more!

Deep Tissue Massage

Our RMTs all perform deep tissue massage, among other techniques.

Questions? Contact us.


We have physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

Vivian Overton Physiotherapist Photo

Vivian Overton

Michael Kirby Physiotherapist Photo

Michael Kirby

Gloria Kanuka Physiotherapist

Gloria Kanuka

Dr. Jordan Sandham

Dr. Jordan Sandham

Kerina Sorensen Massage Therapist Photo

Kerina Sorensen

Registered Massage Therapist
Nishia Richard Massage Therapist Photo

Nishia Richard

Registered Massage Therapist
Kelly Secreto Support Personnel

Kelly Secreto

Support Personnel
Bailey Brisebois Support Personnel

Bailey Brisebois

Support Personnel
Robert Voshell RMT

Robert Voshell

Registered Massage Therapist
Country Hills Physio Vert Logo

Richard Chambers



Our physiotherapists treat with a combination of "hands-on" treatment and therapeutic exercise.  Intramuscular stimulation / dry needling, muscle release techniques and joint mobilizations are just some of the more "hands-on" techniques that they use.  Scientific research supports therapeutic exercise more than any other treatment when it comes to long-term improvements.  Our therapists are highly trained at prescribing therapeutic exercises, which are part of every patient's treatment plan.

Massage Therapy

Our Registered Massage Therapists are a big part of our team and are familiar with treating many different conditions.  All of our massage therapists perform deep tissue massage.  We also have therapists who perform intra-oral massage for TMJ dysfunction and headaches.  Pre- and post-natal massage is also offered at our clinic.


Chiropractic care is recommended for a variety of conditions, but especially back pain!  Our chiropractic performs many of the same muscular treatments as our physiotherapists, but specializes in manipulations of both peripheral and spinal joints.  Our chiropractor can prescribe diagnostic imaging if appropriate.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat the human body.  While acupuncture can be used to treat your muscles and joints, it can also be a powerful tool for emotional relief.  Our acupuncturist is skilled at treating a variety of muscular conditions while helping you unwind from the stress of everyday life.

Questions? Contact us.

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