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We treat a variety of pelvic health conditions that some would consider embarrassing, but are more common thank you think. It is old school to think that problems like leaking and pelvic pain are a normal part of aging. We instead strive to educate, guide and inspire women to live their best lives pre-pregnancy to menopause and all the milestones in between.


Bladder ~ Frequency | Urgency | Incontinence
Bowel ~ Constipation | Incontinence Gas / Stool
Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Urethrocele | Cystocele | Uterine Prolapse | Rectocele
Pain ~ Inside | Outside the Pelvis
Painful Intercourse
Pregnancy | Labour & Delivery Preparation | Post Partum
Menopause ~ Incontinence | Vaginal Dryness | Dyspareunia
Surgery ~ Before / After | Orthopedic / Gynecological / Abdominal


Pain ~ Back | Hips | Hips | Sciatica | Pelvic Girdle | SI Joints | Pubic Symphysis | Tailbone
Bowel and Bladder Dysfunction ~ Leaking | Urgency | Frequency | Constipation
Birth Preparation ~ Pelvic Floor Muscle Control | Breathing | Labouring | Pushing
Perineal Repair and Csection Scar Management
Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Bladder | Uterus | Rectum
Diastasis Recti – Assessment | Rehabiliation
Return to Activity and Sport

pelvic health physio Calgary nw


~ Privacy, Professionalism and Personalized Care are our Top Priorities
~ Thorough Medical History | Previous Injuries | Gynecological History | Bowel and Bladder Habits | Fluid and Diet Habits | Current Condition
~ Internal and External Exam (2 appointments)
~ A vaginal and/or anal exam evaluating pelvic floor muscle strength, endurance, power, tone and pelvic organ prolapse. Internal exam is the gold standard, but you may withdraw your consent at any time.
~ An orthopedic assessment using a whole body approach assessing biomechanics and function head-to-toe with particular attention to posture, breathing and core stability.
~ Individual Goals
~ Education
~ Exercise Prescription – pelvic floor muscle retraining and reconnect with your core in your abdomen and back
~ Hands-on Work – Manual Therapy | Myofascial Release | Visceral Work | Acupuncture | IMS


Do you need a medical referral?
No, but your extended health care benefits may require one.

Is pelvic health physiotherapy covered under my physiotherapy benefits?
Yes, we are registered with the Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association. We are a niche of physiotherapy and are covered by extended health benefit plans.

When should I see a pelvic health therapist?
~ Bowel & Bladder Dysfunction
~ Heaviness | Pressure | Bulging Vagina or Rectum
~ Pregnancy | Post Partum
~ Menopause
~ Pelvic Pain
~ Long standing Back | Hip Pain
~ Before | After Surgery

Do I need to reschedule my appointment if I am menstruating?
Not unless it makes you feel uncomfortable. Pelvic health is not just about internal treatments. If you are not comfortable with internal treatment at that time we can focus on other external contributing factors.

When is a safe time to see a pelvic health therapist in my pregnancy?
~ > 20wks pregnant
~ 5-6 wks post delivery

Joanna Smith PT Country Hills Physio Calgary NW

Joanna Smith


Joanna graduated from the University of Alberta in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Prior to this she pursued a Kinesiology degree at the University of Calgary. A lifelong learner, continuing education courses have fuelled Joanna’s passion for her profession. She has completed post-graduate courses in manual therapy, Anatomical Acupuncture, GunnIMS, pain…


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