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Specialized Physiotherapy for Dancers

Physiotherapy by a former dancer and dance instructor.

Consultation and assessment for dance-specific needs including hypermobility, addressing compensations, footwear needs, PREhabilitation for injury prevention, and pre and post-surgical rehabilitation for a smooth recovery.

A personalized home rehabilitation program that balances rehabilitation with your dance training to build strength and resilience without overtraining or sacrificing flexibility.

Mobility-focused interventions, including MET stretching, incorporating the breath with movement, and appropriate training dosage so you can get the most out of your rehabilitation program.

Monitoring progress and progressing your home program to evolve with your changing needs with an emphasis on education and self-management techniques

pole dance
Sarah Graham Physiotherapist

Meet Sarah Graham

Hello there, I’m Sarah, a self-proclaimed anatomy nerd, performing arts enthusiast, and dancer turned physiotherapist. I am the jack of all trades of dance, having dabbled in a variety of dance styles including hip-hop, lyrical, jazz, waltz, tango, swing, blues, salsa, meringue, and pole dance. Whether you dance professionally or as a fun way to move your body, my extensive experience and exposure to various styles of dance combined with my rehabilitation knowledge means I am well-suited to help you address any issues getting in the way of your dancing. You can be sure I will either be familiar with your dance style or I will research it to ensure I fully understand its demands. Don’t hesitate to book in with me and together, we can develop a plan to support your individual dance needs.

Fun fact: My dance and acrobatics background is what led me to become a physiotherapist!

My dream job as a child was to perform in Cirque du Soleil as an acrobat, so when I tried pole fitness as an adult I knew this was my chance to work on achieving similar feats of strength and flexibility while incorporating the musicality of dance. Anybody who has attended an intro class or an extra fun bachelorette party can attest to the strength and coordination required for the most basic pole moves but what sticks in your mind is just how fun it is! It was my amazing instructors who first introduced me to more advanced training techniques, techniques I later learned about in depth when studying physiotherapy! This introduction to specialized training is what made me want to dedicate my career to the study of the movement as a physiotherapist.


Common Dance Injuries

On top of typical muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint injuries, dancers are especially prone to the following:

Hypermobility: single joint or whole body (aka Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)

Back: strains, spasms, postural retraining

Hip: impingement, snapping hip

Knees: cartilaginous/meniscal tears, instability

Lower leg: shin splints, patellofemoral pain syndrome

Feet: ankle sprain, trigger toe, dancer’s fracture

Physiotherapy for Dancers Calgary NW FAQs

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